My name is Susie and I am a creator of unique & personal spaces!

Hits of colour and pattern get me very excited, while the attention to details fuels my creativity! However, all of this needs a special backdrop and that is where my secret fixation for anything {and everything} WHITE comes into play! If I could only use one word to describe my style, it would be clean…simple… elegant. Okay, perhaps I need more than one word! What drives me most, is witnessing my clients excitement begin to heighten as I re-create their home! I truly believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home to live in, and that your home should reflect how you want to live every day, no matter what your budget.

Some call me a problem solver, others a marriage counsellor. I just like to consider myself a friend. Helping you bring harmony and function to your every day!


Hi! My name is Jackie and I believe in designing magically, but thinking practically. I’m a lover of the finer things in life- at the right price! I have a healthy obsession with colour, pattern, texture and pillows. Oh and anything vintage….the list grows daily!

I believe design is in the details and I embrace each project individually providing creative concepts and solutions. I have a fresh & timeless design approach, founded on classic elements that will never date. I believe in designing spaces that truly reflect the character and lifestyle of our clients, helping them to live, enjoy and celebrate their space.


Susie Hardy (left) and Jackie Artinian (right)

Everyday Living Design – Designed for how you live Every Day